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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Wonder Woman Gayatri Indonesian State Owned

Innalillahi wainnailaihi raji'un. The news came blanketed the ground water. Gayatri Wailissa, Ambon young women who entered the ranks of 'Kick Andy Young Hero 2014' died. Women who are able to communicate 14 foreign languages that died in hospital Abdi Waluyo, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Thursday (10/23/2014) at 20:25 pm.

Almunus SMA seed Siwalima, Ambon, 2014, the dead after afternoon, fell and fainted during exercise in Senopati Park area, Jakarta. The deceased died due to ruptured blood vessels in the brain, whereas before Gayatri never complained of pain.

Gayatri is the child of the couple Deddy Wailissa Dervish, a craftsman calligraphy and Nurul Idawaty.

He's relatively young age, 16 years, Gayatri not only good as a speaker at various international conferences. But he also excel in other fields including Olympic bronze medal winner in 2012 and Ambassador Science Astronomy Leader Tunas Muda Indonesia 2013. In her spare time, Gayatri is also active diberbagi field include theater instructor, broadcaster, translator, and even wrote a variety of works of literature.

"Gayatri, Kick Andy Young the Hero, 2014, daughter of Ambon who mastered 14 languages, has passed away today. Let convey a prayer for him," wrote Facebook account Kick Andy Show quoted

Goodbye Gayatri Wailissa, All the hard work will definitely be remembered by the nation and the state.


  1. innalillahi wainnailaihiroji'un,,,
    saya segenap keluarga berduka cita atas wafatnya gayatri wailissa putri Ambon yg menguasai 14 bahasa, telah wafat hari ini. ...
    semoga amal dan ibadahnya di terima di sisi-Nya. amin..


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