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Thursday, 25 September 2014

You Like Bulli Or Intimidation Friend ..

A public man offend Omar Chajjam:

- You're an atheist! You drink! Almost thief!
   Chajam only smiled in reply.
   One dandy wearing silk watch the scene that asks Chajam:
- How can you tolerate such a crime? Do you not feel sick?
   Omar Chajam smiled again and said:
- Let's go with me.
   Dandy follow-room to the dusty wood. Chajam lit kin-dling and began poking around in the trunk, where it was found completely worthless ragged robes. He threw Dandy and said:
- Try it, it will fit you.
    Dandy took the robe, saw and hated:
- What's this dirty linen being? I dress well, and you must be crazy! - And threw the cloak back.
- You see, - Chajam said, - you do not want to try cloth. Similarly, I do not want to try the dirty words that people threw me.
   To be harmed by the breach means to try cloth someone throw us.
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