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Monday, 22 September 2014

Leaving Secrets Where You Are by Footprint

Because the mobile platform has shifted from Symbian, Sailfish, Tizen and many other operating systems for android series, the whole wide vista of new applications have been opened along behind him. There are many applications that have been developed to cover almost all phone functions can provide, some are so remarkable that at one time it was regarded as an impossible idea for a mobile phone to provide functionality such as controlling the robot via Bluetooth via the application. A new application has been launched that allows you to mark a real life for your text, modification of how we perceive to leave a message. 'Traces' lets you leave the secret in street corners.

This application works with the most attractive way. It lets you send messages to your friends advised to go to a nearby street corner. When it reaches a predetermined place, you hold your smartphone and see the water droplets suspended in air. You align the target on the screen with the droplet, exploding to reveal shocking details envoy offered. Messages may contain any additional pictures or video clips, furthermore even documents such as e-tickets to the designated place. The trail is now available in the Apple app store. The team behind the brilliant application of innovative and truly believe that the message content-doll connects to a physical location, and uses augmented reality to make it look real, will add real-world context to social media. This application is produced by Ripple Inc. based in San Francisco.

In addition, very specific about the location of the point. This application does not let you open the message until it receives the data from people who have access to messages and synchronization with the address location specified by the sender. Run this task to manage and ensure the proper location by monitoring data received by the GPS. To send a trace, the sender simply choose someone from their contact list, drop a pin on the map where they want to be seen - and for how long - and then upload any content that they want to leave there. Recipients trail to get alerts on their mobile phones with a map showing where they can be collected messages - and who had sent it. "Instead of reading the tweets at random locations you can choose the location to add context to your delivery," said Beau Lotto CEO Ripple Inc. This application utilizes aspects of human psychology Lotto, also a research neuroscientist at University College London, thinks will make it more attractive compared to traditional social media. This application can even let you trigger special memories with your receiver for example, you can leave a piece of music to someone at the location means for you both, such as where you first met; take the level of romance to a new level and even the existence of a mile apart distance.
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